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The dotnet tool needs a JRE/JDK installed within the system (see JVM identification)


To use the CLI interface (JNetCLI) runs a command like the following:

  • dotnet tool
jnet -i
  • Docker image
docker run -i
docker run masesgroup/jnet -i

Command switch available

jnet accepts the following command-line switch:

  • Interactive (i): Activates an interactive shell
  • RunCommand (r): executes the main method of a specific Java class in argument and exit
  • Script (s): Executes the c# script in the file arument
  • JarList (jl): A CSV list of JAR to be used or folders containing the JARs
  • NamespaceList (nl): A CSV list of namespace to be used for interactive shell, JNet namespace are added automatically
  • ImportList (il): A CSV list of import to be used

Plus other switches available at Command line switch page.

JVM identification

One of the most important command-line switch is JVMPath and it is available in JCOBridge switches: it can be used to set-up the location of the JVM library (jvm.dll/ if JCOBridge is not able to identify a suitable JRE installation.